ADHD (or ADD - now the same thing) is the most common behavioral health diagnosis in the United States, with over 13% of boys being diagnosed. ADD can make everyday a challenge, causing significant problems in class or in our careers. Often ADHD symptoms cause intense and persistent anxiety and depression, resulting in low motivation, strained relationships, and not living up to our greatest potential. 

Signs & Symptoms of ADHD

  • Trouble listening and paying attention in class, during projects, or at meetings
  • Difficulty sitting still during lectures, presentations, or at work
  • Easily distracted (e.g. head in the clouds, getting lost, or losing things)
  • Inability to manage impulsive, hyperactive behavior (e.g. spending money, blurting out loud, stealing, etc)
  • Low motivation and procrastination (e.g. always waiting till the last minute, turning in projects late, neglecting assignments) 
  • Challenges establishing effective routines and habits in personal, academic, and professional lives (e.g. study skills)
  • Inadequate at prioritizing and time management (e.g. scheduling, finishing to-do lists, delegating, etc.)
  • Poor concentration, quickly bored, and needing continual stimulation (e.g. fidgeting, checking phone, etc.) 
  • Failing to pay attention to details and making careless mistakes (e.g. executive functioning, budgeting or spelling errors, etc.) 


Treatment for ADHD

  • MEDICATION: Research indicates that medication combined with therapy (counseling or coaching) has the best results. *However, the CDC urges medication should only be used as a last resort since drugs have many negative side effects
  • COUNSELING: Cognitive and behavioral therapy provides folks with strategies and techniques to reduce the negative impact and symptoms of ADD, such as impaired relationships, mood disorders (anxiety/depression), and low executive functioning 
  • COACHING: Coaching provides adolescents and adults with ADHD the skills to take their academic/professional lives, personal lives, and relationships to the next level, so people's future can be happy, healthy, and productive

5 Benefits of Counseling & Coaching for ADD

  1. INCREASE EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING: Boost productivity, focus and attention, increase organization, plan and set goals

  2. DEVELOP LIFE SKILLS: From managing money (budgeting) to healthy habits (sleeping, nutrition) to study habits

  3. REDUCED PROCRASTINATION: Increase productivity by making better decisions, manage your time and learn to prioritize effectively

  4. BETTER RELATIONSHIPS: Develop social skills, decrease social anxiety, and control impulsive-interrupting behavior

  5. LIFE & CAREER CLARITY: Reduce job hopping, create a stable vision for your life's academic and professional future


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