Men have a unique set of challenges and are often struggling emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally; the concern is growing in our current culture. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for millennial men. 1 in 10 men are diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder (aka, pissed off a lot). Guys use marijuana, alcohol, drugs and media significantly more than women (20% of men with mood disorder (e.g. anxiety and depression) self medicate). Young men are experiencing higher rates of 'failure to launch' than women (2 in 5 men ages 18-31 are living at home compared to 1-3 women). Men are graduating less than women, underemployed, with wages are falling. Masculinity seems to be ultra-criticized, the term "toxic masculinity" pulls in just under half a million search results (Google it) at the time of this writing. Our culture appears to leave men vulnerable to distraction, prone to isolation and anger, and feeling more anxious, depressed, and bored. 


1) STRESSED: High rates of Anxiety, Burnout & Pressure, resulting is less sleep, over eating, heart issues, upset stomach, panic attacks, etc.

2) ANGRY: Having a Short Temper while being Critical and Defensive, resulting in irritability, head aches, relationship problems, a red face with sweaty palms, etc.

3) STUCK: Experiencing Low Motivation, Procrastination, and Distraction in work or school, resulting in poor performance, weight gain/loss,  depression, frustration, etc. 

4) LONELY: Undergoing Social Anxiety, feeling Awkward and Isolated, resulting in difficulty making friends, connecting with others, being misunderstood, etc. 

5) HOOKED: Dependent and/or abusing substances (marijuana, alcohol, drugs), Technology (movies, video games, social media) or Pornography, resulting in addiction, loss of time and money, E-D, generally feeling like crap, etc.

Get unstuck | Live an adventure | Gain results


  • MEN'S THERAPY: Men's counseling in Littleton, Colorado designed to help guys work through their problems, developing an understanding of who they are and the origins of the challenges so they can move forward. 
  • LIFE COACHING: Mens coaching in the Denver area is a tailored experience where you can partner with a coach to take your life, career and relationships to the next level. (Mens coaching and therapy works well in conjunction).
  • CAREER COUNSELING: Denver career coaching, professional development, and job coaching allows guys an opportunity to develop a life plan, job search strategies, and the skills to create a career that you're passionate about and meets your financial needs. Have a job you can look forward to going to everyday. 
  • SOCIAL SKILLS TRAINING: Develop you communication skills, leadership ability, and decrease social anxiety through this form of mens counseling in Littleton, Co. 
  • MBTI ASSESSMENT: Understand your communication style, leadership approach, and decision making, along with you and your family/team/organization's strengths. The MBTI interpretation pairs well with South Denver's Executive Coaching experience.


  • SOLUTIONS: Clarify the problem, a sustainable solution, and a practical path for success; in business, life, relationships, etc.

  • STRATEGIES: Identify your strengths and create a plan for using those in life, taking ownership over your health and happiness.

  • SKILLS: Learn, develop and practice new abilities to resolve issues and move forward. 

  • TECHNIQUES: Develop and master competence is self regulation, social interactions, and greater happiness. 

  • TOOLS: Use evidenced based (researched) approaches, exercises, and technology to support your goals. 


  • FEEL BETTER: Live a happier, healthier, and more meaningful by managing anxiety, depression, and frustration.

  • A PLAN: Create more clarity, confidence, and control for your life's direction (personally, professionally, financially, etc.) and current circumstances.

  • CONFIDENCE: Improve your self esteem, self worth, and self image by taking control over your happiness and health. 

  • CONNECTION: Upgrade your ability to cultivate and sustain important relationships with friends, colleagues, a lady friend, spouse, children, etc.  
  • MOTIVATION: Stop procrastinating and increase productivity by elevating your drive, decision making, and time management.