Young people (13-30 years old) are experiencing some of the highest rates of anxiety, depression, and motivation issues compared to previous generations. They are also some of the most entrepreneurial, pragmatic, and practical group too. From social media and the digital world, to school and economic pressures, it is tough to be a kid today. New brain research shows that a child experiencing mental health issues doesn't mean bad parenting, it may be that youth need a little extra help coping with society, genetic, and neurological complications (e.g. executive functioning in the brain explains ADHD).


  • UNHAPPYChronic anxiety or depression | irritability and anger | mood swings, tantrums, or shutdowns (e.g. self harm, cutting, or burning/branding)

  • DIFFICULTY WITH RELATIONSHIPS: Struggling making or maintaining friends |  Being bullied or bullying others | social withdrawal or sensitivity to rejection

  • BEHAVIORAL ISSUES: Problems with motivation, attention or concentration| delinquency and getting in trouble | substance abuse (e.g. drinking or smoking weed)

  • CHALLENGING SITUATIONS: Dealing with divorce or blending a family (e.g. conflict with a step parent) | experiencing grief or loss | navigating abusive/manipulative relationships

  • UNHEALTHY HABITS: Emotionally eating | binge watching Netflix or social media (i.e. phone dependency) | addicted to video games or pornography Chronic anxiety or depression | irritability and anger | mood swings, tantrums, or shutdowns (e.g. self harm, cutting, or burning/branding)

More than Medication | Change is Possible 


It is normal for the transition from childhood adulthood to be fraught with challenges, difficulties, and awkwardness; but billions of us have navigated it before. It is time for kids to be happy, parents to be confident, and families to be unified. Adolescent counseling helps kids and young adults develop effective coping strategies for mental, behavioral, and emotional health. Ultimately, therapy helps kids be happy again, reduces constant battles, and helps parents trust teens again.

How Therapy Helps: 5 Benefits of Counseling For Young People


  • SYMPTOM REDUCTION: Lessen effects of anxiety, depression, and anger. 

  • INCREASED POSITIVE EMOTIONS: Build up kid’s happiness, esteem, and mood so they feel better. 

  • STABILIZE MOOD: Reduce mood swings, moodiness, and impulsive behavior. 


  • SELF ESTEEM: Increase teen’s self image, beliefs, and respect.

  • SELF CARE: Improve youth’s ability to implement sustainable healthy habits.

  • SOCIAL CONFIDENCE: Advance adolescents ability and willingness to navigate social relationships, initiate friendships, and handle rejection. 


  • Self Control: Empowering youth to take ownership and control for their beliefs, behavior, and well-being (aka, less blowups, tantrums, and shutdowns).

  • Reduce Blaming: Decreasing teen’s sense of helpless, whining, and complaining.

  • Effective Communication: Teaching kids effective ways to communicate and express emotions, wants, and needs. 


  • DESIRE FOR CHANGE: Internalizing individual’s willingness, readiness, and ability to change.

  • DIRECTION: Inspiring young people to take their future in their own hands through career/education aspiration, goal setting, and discovering their life’s purpose.

  • CARE AGAIN: Reinforcing youth’s desire to care about themselves and to serve others


  • COPING SKILLS: Increase the ability to manage mental, behavioral and emotional health; especially under stressful situations.

  • SOCIAL SKILLS: Grow and enhance social competence for communicating, reading body language, and taking risks.

  • STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS: Develop a solution oriented, problem solving approach to difficult family, school, and personal situations. 


  • SELF AWARENESS: Understand one’s personality, values, strengths interests, passions, and purpose.

  • AUTHENTICITY: Helping kids be real and teens find and be their true selves (decrease effects of negative peer pressure)

  • EMPATHY: First you have to know yourself before you can know and care about other people.

Click to Learn about my story, Who I am and my Background. 

Click to Learn about my story, Who I am and my Background. 

Healing, growth, and reaching one’s full potential isn’t easy, but it is possible.

Hi, I'm Scott Treas, LPC, MA, NCC

I love partnering with teens, adults and their parents to co-create solutions, strategies, and success in their personal, professional, and social lives. I believe that young people are strong, adaptive, and creative; that we are meant to be happy, healthy, and passionate. After 12 years of working with youth, families say that I make the counseling process clear, comfortable, and conceivable; making change practical. I would be excited and honored to work with your teen.


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