Live with Passion. Work with Purpose. 

It may be boredom or not being challenged. It may be pressure or anxiety. It may be frustration. Over half of the US is unhappy with their work and careers (read the article here). When people are not sure about what they want to do with their lives or how to move up in their career, they may feel lost, stuck, and confused about what to do next.


  • DIRECTIONLESS: Feeling lost, confused, and filled with doubt about where to take your life, education, or career.

  • MEANINGLESSNESS: When you’re bored, undervalued, and doing work that keeps you longing for more.

  • DIFFICULTY MAKING DECISIONS: When you can’t decide what the right choice is, whether it is choosing to go to college, choosing a major, or choosing a career.

  • WORK STRESS: When your work/life is imbalanced and you’re experiencing burnout, empathy fatigue (or compassion fatigue), and exhaustion

  • IN TRANSITION: When you’re trying to navigate new career situations such as recently graduated, recently moved to a new city, or recently let go or fired.

It's time for more than a job.

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Our economy demands that we be more than human robots, more than simple factory workers. It is time to have more than a job - we need you to have a calling. College and career guidance helps youth and adults reach their full potential; it facilitates space to create work that we are deeply interested, so that we may make a positive difference in our world. Like building a muscle, career’s can be developed - having a job that makes you happy is possible.

Benefits of Career Counseling


  • DIRECTION: Discovering your deepest passions, interests and what makes you happy. 

  • SELF AWARENESS: Exploring who you are, your strengths, skills, values, and personality. 

  • PURPOSE: Design a career that is meaningful, impactful, and makes a difference.


  • ASSURANCE: Be sure what to do next by creating plans and career strategies, so you can make good decisions. 

  • PEACE: Reduce anxiety hopeless, and frustration.

  • EXPERTISE: Use your talents, abilities, and unique strengths to become a master, an artist, and a craftsman. 


  • FREEDOM: Have autonomy by deciding on what is important to you, what you want to do, how and when you are going to do it.

  • FINANCIAL STABILITY: Create a career than meets your basic financial needs (aka how to make more money), so you don’t have to live check-to-check.

  • SECURITY: Have a career that is stable, predictable, by reducing your job outlook risks.

Denver Career Coach

An exciting, meaningful, and financially stable career is possible. 

Hi, I'm Scott Treas, Professional Career Counselor

Career development is my passion. Helping people design their futures drives me, as I am inspired to empower people to live more happy, healthy, and productive lives. I have aided countless amount of high schoolers, college students, and professionals through 4 years of working in College Career Services. Now I want to help you and your family.

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