Men have a unique set of challenges and are often struggling emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally; the concern is growing in our current culture. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for millennial men. 1 in 10 men are diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder (aka, pissed off a lot). Guys use marijuana, alcohol, drugs and media significantly more than women (20% of men with mood disorder (e.g. anxiety and depression) self medicate). Young men are experiencing higher rates of 'failure to launch' than women (2 in 5 men ages 18-31 are living at home compared to 1 in 3 women). Men are graduating less than women, underemployed, with wages falling. Masculinity seems to be ultra-criticized, the term "toxic masculinity" pulls in just under half a million search results (Google it). Our culture appears to leave men vulnerable to distraction, prone to isolation and anger, and feeling more anxious, depressed, and bored. 


1) STRESSED: High rates of Anxiety, Burnout & Pressure, resulting is less sleep, over eating, heart issues, upset stomach, panic attacks, etc.

2) ANGRY: Having a Short Temper while being Critical and Defensive, resulting in irritability, head aches, relationship problems, a red face with sweaty palms, etc.

3) STUCK: Experiencing Low Motivation, Procrastination, and Distraction in work or school, resulting in poor performance, weight gain/loss,  depression, frustration, etc. 

4) LONELY: Undergoing Social Anxiety, feeling Awkward and Isolated, resulting in difficulty making friends, connecting with others, being misunderstood, etc. 

5) HOOKED: Dependent and/or abusing substances (marijuana, alcohol, drugs), Technology (movies, video games, social media) or Pornography, resulting in addiction, loss of time and money, E-D, generally feeling like crap, etc.

Get unstuck | Live an adventure | Gain results


  • MEN'S THERAPY: Men's counseling in Littleton, Colorado designed to help guys work through their problems, developing an understanding of who they are and the origins of the challenges so they can move forward.

  • LIFE COACHING: Mens coaching in the Denver area is a tailored experience where you can partner with a coach to take your life, career and relationships to the next level. (Mens coaching and therapy works well in conjunction).

  • CAREER COUNSELING: Denver career coaching, professional development, and job coaching allows guys an opportunity to develop a life plan, job search strategies, and the skills to create a career that you're passionate about and meets your financial needs. Have a job you can look forward to going to everyday.

  • SOCIAL SKILLS TRAINING: Develop you communication skills, leadership ability, and decrease social anxiety through this form of mens counseling in Littleton, Co.

  • MBTI ASSESSMENT: Understand your communication style, leadership approach, and decision making, along with you and your family/team/organization's strengths. The MBTI interpretation pairs well with South Denver's Executive Coaching experience.


  • SOLUTIONS: Clarify the problem, a sustainable solution, and a practical path for success; in business, life, relationships, etc.

  • STRATEGIES: Identify your strengths and create a plan for using those in life, taking ownership over your health and happiness.

  • SKILLS: Learn, develop and practice new abilities to resolve issues and move forward. 

  • TECHNIQUES: Develop and master competence is self regulation, social interactions, and greater happiness. 

  • TOOLS: Use evidenced based (researched) approaches, exercises, and technology to support your goals. 


  • FEEL BETTER: Live a happier, healthier, and more meaningful by managing anxiety, depression, and frustration.

  • A PLAN: Create more clarity, confidence, and control for your life's direction (personally, professionally, financially, etc.) and current circumstances.

  • CONFIDENCE: Improve your self esteem, self worth, and self image by taking control over your happiness and health. 

  • CONNECTION: Upgrade your ability to cultivate and sustain important relationships with friends, colleagues, a lady friend, spouse, children, etc.

  • MOTIVATION: Stop procrastinating and increase productivity by elevating your drive, decision making, and time management.