First, explore my site and learn about me both as a human and a professional. 

Call to Connect

Give me a call or text at 720-504-9933. If I am not able to answer (difficult to do during appointments), leave a message and I will try to call you back that same day or within 24 hours. 
I will ask you to give me some general information about what you hope to gain from my services (usually about a 5-15 minute phone consultation). 

Schedule an Appointment

During our initial phone consultation we can schedule an appointment time that fits. I usually see people on evenings and weekends to fit within your work or school calendar. Additionally, I will give you directions to your appointment.

Fill Out Important Forms

I will email you ahead of time important forms about what to expect from my services, and what I hope from my clients. In other words, this is your contract for hiring me. 

Meet: Determine Goals

Usually, our first session includes a little getting to know each other and a lot of learning about your situation, developing goals and outcomes, and creating a plan for services and therapy.