The best way to predict the future is to create it - president abraham lincoln

There comes a time you may feel burnt out, off track, and not sure what you should do next. It may be that you are not living up to you potential, you keep hitting life's obstacles and can't seem to get out of a rut. What's worse? You may even be your own worst enemy, self sabotaging your effort due to low confidence and not believing in yourself. You know something needs to change, but you're not sure what.


  • LOST: Lacking clarity in your life and career leading towards confusion, anxiety, and poor indecision.

  • STUCK: When you're fed up and frustrated by circumstances in your academic, professional, or personal life.

  • SELF SABOTAGE: Continually not putting in the effort nor living up to your full potential; procrastinating, quitting, or failure.

  • LOW MOTIVATION: Poor self discipline, time management, and focus; disorganized, distracted, and disengaged; neglecting responsibilities.

  • STRESSED: Feeling anxious, under pressure or burnt out from a recent (or upcoming) transition (e.g. graduating, promotion, etc.).

Benefits of Video Coaching

  • SELF CONFIDENCE: A sense of self-esteem and self awareness to lessen self doubt.

  • COURAGE: Bravely pursue life's challenges (e.g. making new friends, leaving a job, or starting college).

  • DISCIPLINE: Increase control over your negative, impulsive, or destructive behavior by doing 'what you need to do, when you need to do it'.

  • PURPOSE: Deeply connect with your passions, interests, and calling; increase drive with a sense of meaning, impact and purpose.

  • HAPPIER: Feel better more often with an elevated, stablized mood so you can be yourself again.

Common Outcomes of Video Coaching

  • A LIFE PLAN: Generate a sense of direction, a vision for your life/career, and a plan to get there.

  • A JOB SEARCH STRATEGY: Create a strategic approach to not only landing job opportunities but attracting employers; job search support with resume reviews, help writing a cover letter, interview coaching, etc.

  • GOAL SETTING: Learn how to set achievable goals that you actually follow through on in your academic, professional, or personal life.

  • LIFE SKILLS: Develop life skills for adulting (independent living); coping skills for handling difficult emotions; social skills.

  • CANDID FEEDBACK: Connect with a neutral 3rd party to gain transparent, honest, and objective feedback.

Online Therapy for Teens

Video Counseling and Coaching: What's Offered?

  • ONLINE LIFE COACHING: Guidance for not only getting your life, career, and relationships in order but taking who you are to the next level.

  • ONLINE JOB COACHING (job seekers and mid-career transitions): Advising for folks who are in career transitions (e.g. job searching, about to graduate from college, or are changing professions).

  • ONLINE CAEER PLANNING (students and professionals): Support for decision making, career counseling, and navigating difficult career/job situations (e.g. burnout, experiencing discrimination, etc.).

  • ONLINE THERAPY (for Colorado only): Distance counseling and teletherapy (telehealth) for issues regarding social anxiety, internet, gaming, or porn addiction; anxiety and depression.

  • ADHD COACHING (For executive functioning skills): Coaching for better organization, maintaining focus and attention, and impulse control (e.g. decreasing outburst and disrupting behavior).