The job search can be one of the most frustrating, stressful, and exhausting events in our lives, fraught with rejection, waiting, and silencepainful silence... as 98% of job seekers are disqualified during the resume screening. And we go through this process a lot, on average we change jobs every 4.4 years (millennials change almost every 2.5 years). In addition, the job search is slow, taking on average of 6 ½ months for professionals and 10.1 months if you’re at the executive level.


  • YOU'RE UNHAPPY: 70% of Americans are unhappy in their jobs. Whether it’s a negative company culture, a bad manager, or you just feel stuck in a job - sometimes the only move you have is to look for another position.

  • YOU'RE IN TRANSITION: When life changes so do our careers - from graduating to parenthood, moving cities to shifting economies. When you’re life role is changing often your job does too.

  • YOU'RE UNDER-EMPLOYED (OR UNEMPLOYED): If you don’t have a job (recently quit or let go) or you’re stuck at a dead end job- it’s time to get a job search consultant to navigate the economic complexities.

  • YOU'RE FROZEN WITH FEAR: Often the job search can be very intimidating, especially when the thought of rejection seems unbearable. Fear can stop us doing the crucial components of the search, including networking, interviewing, and applying.

  • YOU'RE FEELING LOST OR OVERWHELMED: It seems like everyday there is new technology, trends, and tools to use in your search - and everybody has a different opinion of what you should or should not do. All the advice and the endless information on the internet can make us not even know where to start.

It’s time to find a job that makes you happy. Take control of your job search. Reach your full potential.

An effective and efficient job search requires that we do more than make a resume and apply to a bunch of jobs online; it requires that we be strategic, courageous, and skilled. Job search coaching positions candidates to use their own strengths and resources to design an effective and efficient job hunt. Career coaching also allows clients to develop the tools and techniques to land a good job as soon as possible - so that you may confidently get back to work.

It's TIme For a career change

It's TIme For a career change



Evidence suggests that candidates with a comprehensive strategy have the most successful searches in a shorter time span.

  • TARGET: Know the exact type of job you’re looking for, including the position, the industry, and specific companies to pursue.

  • PLAN: Design a step-by-step personalized process for where to find the job, how to get the job, the resources needed to aid you in your endeavors.

  • FEEDBACK: Gain valuable insight on what’s working and what you need to improve. More than another person’s advice, we will create evidence based feedback loops to measure your effectiveness.


The search needs you to be strong, flexible, and tenacious; in short, coaching helps develop the mental and emotional grit required.

  • STRESS LESS: Reduce the impact of fear, anxiety, and doubt while increasing  it with control, confidence, and clarity.

  • BREAK THROUGH BARRIERS: Lower frustration and push through adversity by naming obstacles and creating simple, strategic solutions.

  • MORE HOPE: Build up your desires, expectations, and optimism in your search. Coaching can aid as a refresh and reset in the hunt for your preferred job.


Self-esteem is one of the most crucial elements to a successful job search. From networking to interviewing, developing confidence can give us the boost we need to attract potential employers and push through those days you feel like giving up.

  • PROFESSIONAL IDENTITY: Increase your awareness of your strengths, assets, and qualifications so you may boldly speak about yourself in a compelling manner.

  • TECHNIQUES/RESOURCES: Learn both the latest and most time-tested skills, tactics, and tips/tricks for applying, interviewing, and getting the job.

  • PREPARED: More than just learning, put the skills into practice are ready and able to get the job when you find it.

The goal of my  coaching is to prepare you for career changes, both for present and future transitions.

Job coaching and career development has a significant return on investment which is why I love my job so much. I am excited and enthusiastic about not only supporting people through this difficult time, but helping people take their occupations and lives to the next level. I see the job search as a game to be played and I can nerd out on developing systems and strategies to stand out from the competition. We ALL have an expertise, I am an expert on helping you develop and use your craft so you can be an artist, a professional, and a crucial member of your occupational team.


Resume reviews | Accessing the “hidden” job market | Creating a job search plan | Assessing what you’re qualified to do | Exploring how to use your major | Deciding how to change fields | Developing a personal brand | Writing cover letters | Prepping for an interview | Practicing networking | Learning how to negotiate | Updating your LinkedIn profile | Disclosing disabilities | Facing discrimination (age, gender, ethnic/cultural, etc.)

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