If you are a professional, executive or entrepreneur (usually adults between 35-50) struggling to balance work, family and personal development, all while trying to progress your career, hit sales or project goals, and maintain relationships. Your work may also be soul sucking, especially if you are in a toxic environment where you leave drained, dispassionate, and defensive. Often with limited time and energy, self-care, relationships, and sense of identity/purpose are neglected; this leads to burnout, feeling "stuck", and exhaustion. Last, when we add mental health emotional challenges such anxiety, depression, or anger our productive can suffer, relationships can strain, and our self confidence plummets. At the end of the day you may feel lost, frustrated and fed up. 

11 Challenges Unique to Professionals, Executives or Entrepreneurs

  • MIDLIFE CRISIS: Complete lack of passion or purpose, feeling 'blah' or apathetic, and like you're just going through the motions; lost and confused about your direction and 'what's next'; life is heavy, it's difficult to get out of bed, and you can't keep going down the same path.
  • STRESS: Using substances (i.e. alcohol or marijuana; or video games) to wind down and decompress; symptoms include irritability, stomach problems (dizzy, etc.); too busy, too anxious, too much. 
  • BURNOUT: Exhausted; frustrated; depressed; detached; numb; unproductive. (Learn more about counseling for burnout here).
  • CAREER TRANSITIONS: Navigating new career situations such as returning to work, promotions or demotions, or recently moved; making a major career decision (learn more about career counseling) when you know it's time to move on starting a job search (learn more about job search coaching).
  • ANGER: Quick to be defensive, conflictual, agitated, and annoyed; feeling out of control when you're upset; using words or actions that are harming relationships and progress at work and at home.  
  • STRAINED RELATIONSHIPS: Withdrawing and avoiding significant relationships; recurring escalations and arguments with children or spouse; tension with co-workers employees, or management.
  • SOCIAL ANXIETY: More than 'shy' but consistently avoiding conversations and social interactions due to fear of being judged, offending others, or making a mistake; over-thinking and over-analyzing situations while being really self-critical; having limited social skills and ability to communicate effectively. (See more on counseling for social anxiety.
  • MENTAL HEALTH: Dealing with anxiety, depression, or adult ADHD; experiencing powerful emotions that quickly change; difficulty expressing and processing negative situations or experiences. 
  • LOW CONFIDENCE: Feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness, and/or shame; struggle to be your true, authentic self, being 'real' with others, or comfortable in your own skin; missing opportunities due to not speaking out or stepping up due to fear or pessimism. 
  • LACK OF MOTIVATION: Stuck in a loop of desire for change, procrastination, inaction, and self-loathing; simply not wanting to do 'anything' like work, chores, seeing friends, or exercising; unproductive and unfocused in your career and personal life. (See more on counseling for motivation problems.)
  • FAILURE AND REJECTION: When the terrible feelings of disappointment, hurt, and defeat keep us from trying, showing up and being our true selves; experiencing overwhelming feelings of pain, frustration, and loss; seeing ourselves as a washout, alone, unworthy and inadequate. 

Balance your life. Restore your wellbeing. 

Adult Life Coaching Denver

It's time to stop just going through the motions and to start living an adventurist life you can be proud of. You can develop a deep sense of meaning, connected to your purpose and passion through discovering your story (who you are), your desires (why you do what you do), and how to design an enriched - engaged life. Counseling empowers and equips adults to stop existing on autopilot - overwhelmed and burnt out, and step into the driver seat and be the change you want to see in the world. 

Benefits of Counseling for Professionals, Executives and Entrepreneurs

  • WORK/LIFE BALANCE: Experience a calming symmetry in your life, successfully balancing life roles (work, family, self-care, etc.); manage your competing priorities for a sustainable, peaceful career. 
  • PASSION: Wake up excited to go to work and to tackle life; discover what moves you , give you joy and what you're interested in; cultivate your calling and dare to risk pursuing your dream. 
  • SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT: Know that you're reaching your full potential, be proud of who you are and what you've done; feel confidence and control in tough situations. 
  • HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Increase your wellbeing by improving mental, emotional and spiritual health; replace destructive - "bad" - habits with positive rhythms and disciplines; overcome obstacles and barriers holding your back from proper nutrition, fitness, and self-image. 
  • CONNECTION: Feel truly understood, be confident to develop better relationships and love yourself better. 

Outcomes of Life Coaching for Professionals, Executives and Entrepreneurs

  • CAREER DIRECTION: Decide what to do next by developing a framework for making challenging career decisions; have a plan for successfully navigating career change; cultivate your life's purpose and calling. 
  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Focus on what matters by prioritizing your values; increase your attention, concentration, and stamina; fortify against procrastination and distraction. 
  • SOCIAL SKILLS: Communicate more clearly and consistently - especially in high conflict,  ambiguous and stressful situations; increase ability to engage and hold conversations; express your emotions, ideas and beliefs in a more confident and compassionate manner. 
  • PLAN OF ACTION: Get unstuck by creating a step by step plan for what to do in your time of transition; feel in control of your situation as you go into the unknown; have more confidence in your options by generating back-up plans - ensuring securing and stability.  
  • JOB SEARCH SUPPORT: Develop a job search strategy ready for the 21st Century's economy; resume, cover letter and personal brand reviews; practice interviewing and networking; ultimately attract employers. 

Outcomes of Therapy for Professionals, Executives and Entrepreneurs

  • FIND YOURSELF: Discover how you are uniquely wired, your calling and your purpose in life; have a chance to process your story, make sense of your life and 'author' your future; create more drive, desire and internal motivation. 
  • ROOT OF THE PROBLEM: Explore why you do what you do so that you can get down to the root issue in order to make changes that stick; peel back the onion of ineffective 'life-narratives' so you can develop a more helpful sense of identity; explore powerful concepts such as meaning, identity, culture, etc. 
  • COPING SKILLS: Increase your ability to deal with challenging situations, difficult emotions and overwhelming circumstances; develop a holistic life plan for managing mental health; tools to face depression, anxiety or Adult ADHD. 
  • STRESS REDUCTION: Decrease burnout, anxiety, worry and feeling of regret; manage the pressure of competing responsibilities; develop tools and tactics for staying calm, staying present, and not falling apart. 
  • ANGER MANAGEMENT: Deal with conflict constructively; control your defensiveness, temper and explosive mood swings; handle anger and other intense emotions in a productive way. 

Counseling Services for Professionals, Executives and Entrepreneurs

  • LIFE COACHING: Denver area executive coaching and life coaching based in Littleton, Colorado. 
  • THERAPY: Denver area counseling  and therapy for adults based in Littleton, Colorado. 
  • CAREER COUNSELING: Denver area career counseling, career development and career coaching based in Littleton, Colorado. 
  • JOB SEARCH COACHING: Denver area job search coach and resume writing based in Littleton, Colorado. 
  • FAITH BASED COUNSELING: Denver area Christian counseling based in Littleton, Colorado.