Whether for you or your child, there are times you may feel as if you have no direction and that you're not living up to your full potential. You may seem to lack motivation to do anything, have low self confidence, or have difficulty opening up to others. Perhaps you are experiencing anxiety, anger, or depression; maybe feeling lonely and isolated, or at times you feel nothing at all. These negative emotions and experiences may result in poor relationships, low academic and professional achievement, and repeating negative patterns that sabotage your progress. 

My unique combination of life coaching, therapy, and career counseling addresses the following challenges: 

  • Motivation and attention problems: Constant procrastination; disengaged and disinterested in school, work or things you use to love; problems with focus and attention. 

  • Mental, emotional and behavioral health: Expressing and processing difficult emotions; managing anxiety, depression, anger or ADHD with more than medication; controlling impulsive, volatile or defiant behavior. 

  • Not reaching full one's potential: Poor decision making and difficulty self regulation (over eating, vaping, internet/gaming addiction, ect.); self sabotaging; lack of goals; lack of healthy habits.  

  • Relationship problems: Poor communication, social anxiety (low social skills), or constant fighting/arguing. 

  • Feeling stuck: Lacking purpose or experiencing a sense of being lost in your life or career; feeling confused and not sure what to do next; having difficulty with specific problems such as a job search, making new friends, or choosing the right college major. 

  • Burnt out: Whether you're stressed at the job, at school or in life - when you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious

Life transitions are not easy, especially for young people in our society. Sometimes you may think that things are entirely out of your control. You’re not sure how to make yourself or your child feel happier, less stressed, and less volatile

You deserve to have peace again. I help students and professionals take ownership over their lives (health, behavior, relationships and academic/career futures)

Benefits of Life Coaching and Therapy

  • CLARITY: A clearer sense of purpose, more passion and a greater awareness of self; more defined aspirations and identity.

  • CONFIDENCE: A higher sense of self esteem and self efficacy; faith in yourself; feeling better and more happy.

  • COURAGE: Bravery to be your real, authentic self; willingness to stand up for yourself and your principles; fortitude to make difficult decisions and start to change.

  • CONNECTION: More fulfilling relationships with family, friends, and peers; less lonely and isolated; greater social skills.

  • CONTROL: Less frustration and stalling, more discipline, determination and action; greater self control.


  • A PLAN: Goals; blueprints for life; a roadmap for creating and sustaining change; more life direction.

  • THE TOOLS: Coping skills and techniques for dealing with difficult emotions, relationships or situations.

  • STRATEGIES: Systematic game plan for approaching decision making, attention and behavioral management, and life transitions (e.g. adulting, graduating from school, or switching careers).

I have over 13 years of experience helping 100's of young people in Colorado.  

Teen Life Coach

I'm called to be a counselor.

Growing up I was the youngest of 4 boys. We not only experienced violence and chaos but restoration and hope; now I know healing is possible. Thus, it has been my life’s calling to help teens, young adults, and men. Now, it is my passion and purpose to teach young people who they are meant to be, not angry and scared, but brave and courageous. We deserve to live with more. More love. More peace. More happiness. More purpose. Make an appointment with me today.

Please don't wait one more day. Give me a call at 720-504-9933 for a free consultation and to get started right away. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.



Husband, FATHER, Believer, Son, Brother, ARTIST, ADVENTURER, man, cyclist, artist, ENTREPRENEUR

Husband, FATHER, Believer, Son, Brother, ARTIST, ADVENTURER, man, cyclist, artist, ENTREPRENEUR

I am here to help folks discover who they are meant to be; thier strengths, calling, and solutions to life's challenges. Read about my own journey, obstacles, and dealing with failure.


LIFE COACH, THERAPIST, CAREER COUNSELOR, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), National certified counselor (NCC), SPEAKER, CONSULTANT

LIFE COACH, THERAPIST, CAREER COUNSELOR, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), National certified counselor (NCC), SPEAKER, CONSULTANT

Our career is more than our job, it is the foundation for our greater vision, profession, and craft. Explore how my expertise will support you or your child.